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We are a competitive network of skilled gamers. For more information please read our "About us".

In short:
We are always on the most active server (Jabbit for WildStar, Killian for TERA)
PvX = We take PvE and PvP content seriously.
We are an international guild. If you're applying to us, we expect you to speak English.
We are not a zerg guild, we value skill over quantity.
We have a private server running our website + tools + TeamSpeak3 server license.
No hierarchy where only the leader/officers have a say in the guild. Everyone can have an opinion, and we can vote on what people want.
Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome regarding the way the guild operates.

What do we expect from Applicants and Trials?
You must be maximum level, or be able to level up fast.
You must have end-game gear, or be able to gear up fast.
Be mature. It is not so much about your age as it is about your personality and the way you act with others.
Be active and dedicated. If you don't do much when you are online you probably won't fit into the guild.
Be motivated and able to learn quickly. This is must have for people who want to perform well in PvP and PvE as well.
Be an active TeamSpeak user. A working microphone is a must.